Faith in Humanity #3

Unlike my other posts about specific acts of random kindness that give us faith in humanity, this post is more of a public service announcement. It’s an issue that we all face everyday: bad driving. According to some study performed by a reputable research institute, we spend an absurd amount of time in our cars. Which adds up to a hell of a lot of hours per years.* Which gives us thousands of opportunities in the course of a year to practice small random acts of kindness. I’m sure I’m not the only one that has noticed that drivers have gotten progressively worse, which makes driving increasingly more frustrating. I have compiled a list of the easiest ways we can all make the endless hours behind the wheel a little more tolerable. Which will make us all happier. And give us all more faith in humanity.

1: If you notice someone trying to change lanes, let them. There is no reason you need to speed up to prevent them from getting in front of you. Having one more car ahead of you will not delay your arrival time. There’s probably another study to prove this. If you are so inclined to let someone changes lanes hassle free, they will be more inclined to let someone else over as well. And then everyone will be happy. Pay it forward.

2: Which brings me to my next point. If you are the recipient of the kind gesture of being let over, simply put your right hand in the air and give it a little wave. They didn’t have to let you over. You’re not entitled to be in front of this other driver. The “thank you” wave goes a long way in making someone feel appreciated and letting them know their kindness is acknowledged.

3: Let’s talk about four way stops. Chill out people. Wait your turn. It goes to the right.

4: The natural next topic is round-a-bouts. I don’t know why America even has round-a-bouts. I mean, we can’t even figure out the four way stop. If we can’t get people to stop in a square, why do we need think yielding in a circle is a good idea? Same rules apply though. Chill out. Everyone gets so stressed. “Will I ever get in the round-a-bout?” “Will I ever get out?” “Why do we even have these?” The answers to these questions are as follows: yes, yes, and no one knows. You’re not driving around the freaking arc du triumph. It will all be ok.

5: My final tip for making driving less terrible for everyone around you is as follows: leave some space! If everyone is so uptight about driving and all of the other people around them, why do we stay so close to each other? In what other scenario do you not like someone, but insist on being right next to them? This never happens! If someone is irritating you, you back off. But not in a car. You get in a giant mechanical steel trap and stay as close to everyone else as possible. It’s like a really dangerous version of the game you would play with your siblings. “I’m not touching you. I’m not touching you.” While having your finger just inches from their face. Makes no damn sense.

To sum up, driving sucks. Let’s make it better. Which will make people happier. Which will make them want to do nice things for other people.

*Math is hard and I don’t feel like researching the actual statistic. I’m sure it’s just as easy to google as it is for me to type this post script about not wanting to.

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