“Hi, Princess”


Atticus, our two year old has ‘long’ hair for a boy. We love it! It is thick and luxurious and beautifully blonde. Sometimes we put it in a man bun. He looks like a beach bum. But these days he is liking it down. We are often asked when we are going to cut it. We thought about it for a little while but can’t bring ourselves to do it.

Regardless of what he wears, he gets called ‘she’ or ‘her.’ What’s her name? How old is she? Even with a shirt that says ‘I’m a boy’ he’s still called a girl because of the long hair. Most of the time he is in truck or train shirt. I’m not saying girls can’t wear truck and train shirts, but most people view these as ‘boys’ clothes. It doesn’t bother me, and more often than not, we are entertained by it. We gently correct, “Actually, he’s a boy and his name is Atticus.”

Last week we were out to dinner with Betsy’s family. Uncle Jake was holding Atticus. A server walked by and said to Atticus, “Hi, Princess!” Without skipping a beat, Atticus responded with, “Hi!” and a fantastic hand-wave.

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